Posted: Jun 12, 2019 7:05 am
by Cito di Pense
collecemall wrote:I don't understand why this is such a mystery to anyone. I have close friends that we can finish each other's sentences etc. Imagine spending EVERY SINGLE MIN you've ever lived touching someone with almost identical DNA to you. It's not shocking that they are in tune with each other. Because they have to be. To some degree their nervous systems might even be entwined. Because they had this from birth their brains adapted to all the physical things yours did growing up. It didn't know any other "normal" and our brains are incredibly flexible. Especially early in life. They ARE incredible but I don't think there's any crazy explanation for their behaviors.

Then that's an insight into the role that varying environment and experience have on individuality. Where we take that depends a lot on how much individuality signifies to us as, er, individuals, and how we embody that in how we express our thoughts.

Of course, one direction one can take this is to try to merge with the kosmic karma koala kollective konsciousnessness.