Posted: Jun 12, 2019 11:05 am
by Spearthrower
bil345durham! wrote:Sorry, I'm a skeptical rationalist, so your mamsy-pamsy BS about them thinking alike because they are conjoined for all time is not going to fly with me to explain SO MANY instances of simultaneous sentences and finishing of sentences, word for word. Not going to accept any mamsy pamsy answers here. Be rational, please!

Dear Mr Durham, I honestly, genuinely believe that the first phrase of your sentence is contradicted by the rest of the paragraph, and by the alternative suggestion you have proposed.

I genuinely think that a rational skeptical approach would not have you positing that 2 brains are 1 entity, and appealing to the mere fact that they express themselves similarly is a good reason to invoke such an explanation.

Even close friends frequently finish each other sentences, know how each other will respond, and it comes about by familiarity and experience, by having spent a lot of time together. And these 2 ladies have spent *all* their time together, never apart at any point in their entire lives.

So my take would be that there are assertions and there are credentials, and that being rational is a method, not an order. Parsimony suggests that the least complex explanation here is fairly banal, and the notion that these 2 individuals are somehow 1 intellectual entity is far from parsimonious as it requires us to forgo essentially all we know about brains, cognition, and discrete entities.