Posted: Mar 12, 2021 2:50 pm
by Pouncequick
Hi there everybody, it's been a while... ;)
And of course I'm coming back with a weird question.

I've researched the stages of death in humans. According to wikipedia - - we have rigor mortis from 2-4 hours after death until about 48 hours with a peak at 12 hours.
Afterwards, putrefaction starts (with all the great side effects) around 2-3 days after death.

My story is about a dead dog in an inner city apartment, the owners put him in a suitcase and drive to the countryside to bury him there. The dog is a Golden Retriever - or somewhere that size - pretty old, so not too heavy anymore (12 years?), and it's summer (for now).

Question: Is the timeline of rigor mortis / putrefaction in a dog this size the same as in humans?

I understand that hot weather will speed this up (especially if you're driven around in the trunk of a car), but that's the part I can change more easily than the general timeline. ;-)

Any vets, please? :shifty: