Posted: Mar 13, 2021 7:38 am
by Pouncequick
I understand it sounds weird and creepy, but I promise it's for a short story!
This magazine:
To be handed in in August: "What should we do with the body."

I find this idea intriguing but I don't want to go down the murder lane or even the people lane (I figure most writers will).
Hence the dog that died from old age, it does happen (even though I guess all of us secretly hope their pets are immortal).
I need there to be enough "problems" to carry the story: Large dog, long-ish time span, hot summer, no clue what to do... you get the idea.

The question is still the same: Is the timeline after death the same in animals (like a Golden Retriever) and in humans? If not, do you have an idea what it is?

Thanks for answering!