Posted: Mar 13, 2021 9:24 am
by Pouncequick
Thanks for your help! :thumbup:

Spearthrower wrote:
Or a likely story! :think: :naughty2:

Nope. :crazy: catlady in the sticks here. Our departed herd sleeps under the rosebushes...

Spearthrower wrote:If it's tonally a dark comedy, then I think you could have all manner of obstacles to confound the otherwise simple motive. Early on a heatwave & aircon breaking down would definitely up the ante.

I wasn't thinking comedy, but the way I wanted to this to go, that may work even better... :think:
But I'm not going to tell anything more on here - I'm already shocked how you know about the dead aircon... :eh:

Thanks again for your help - both factional and fictional! :dance: