Posted: Feb 13, 2013 12:35 pm
by mattthomas
Calilasseia wrote:Oh, and of course, Mills & Boon have been making a fortune out of peddling pot-boiler "romances" featuring man-pleasing women and "Mr Testosterone" men for decades.

This is something completely different though Cali....

50 shades isn't so much about the sex as the relationship and I can tell you that any woman who fantasises about anything further than the sex in this book has issues.

It is a psychologically damaging and emotionally abusive relationship where the woman takes her emotional punishments and keeps coming back for more. In a true dominant/submissive dynamic the submissive isn't generally a weak willed dot of a girl, but a strong independent woman who gives up control to their master because they (the sub) gets something out of it. In this book, the only thing the girl gets out of it is further emotionally abuse.