Posted: Sep 03, 2013 3:17 pm
by Macdoc
Not so sure of the male lead but the girl looks spot on if a tad too world wise.


In late to this thread. Young males won't buy what's free on the internet in far more extreme versions
I suggest the book is of interest to mature women looking for "spice" and perhaps "liberating" for those that remained unaware of the wider variety of sexual "genres".
WIth gay and lesbian coming out in broader society I think she tapped the next "verboten" / "intriguing" ... erotic boundary.

This is well worth the listen

50 Shades of Grey
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 | Categories: Books , Q Blog 1

E.L. James, the author everybody's reading, joined Jian for a feature chat today about her unlikely rise to fame and the unlikely appearance of BDSM-inspired erotic novels at the top of the bestseller lists. ... ames-on-q/


Evolving wrote:
I don't know any men who have read 50 Shades (though, there again, I'm not sure they'd tell me), but several women of my acquaintance find it terribly exciting that they are reading such a risqué book.

Well you do now and it's only risqué in pretty sheltered circles.
If what you claim is true on the lack of male readers one wonders what the fuck the commenters here are on about.
EIther read or STFU as any "opinion" is stupidly ill conceived.
Akin to males trying to tell women what to do with their bodies.....

I had one lover whose consistent trigger was a mild relive of a molestation when she was a very nubile 14 who just radiated sexuality.( no great harm was involve - a scare from a young neighbor with mental challenges.
Evoking that - which she was entirely aware of was a certain firework light off. :coffee: