Posted: Sep 04, 2013 1:43 am
by Macdoc
She sets up iconic situations tho - it's not in anyway supposed to be a normal's all cliches or icons depending on your choice of phrase.

She's normal with an undiscovered passive streak....he's way damaged and abusive.
Even the names are all pot boiler material made for TV series....that's her background and I think she's as surprised as anyone at what she tapped.

I don't think it's meant in anyway to portray a balanced BDSM's nutso unbalanced and totally fairy tale. I find the sexuality and descriptions from a women's viewpoint interesting always and that may be the appeal to women readers.
That's how they WANT it to be even if it rarely reaches that level.
The abused child makes good but is damaged rescued by the innocence maiden....always gonna play well when erotic tension and some explicit aspects are tossed in.
I think it got a needed dialogue's not mostly missionary there Toto. :coffee: