Posted: Jul 26, 2014 4:51 am
by SafeAsMilk
Imagination Theory wrote:
:o Who doesn't like Lovecraft!? Nasty folks. :nono:

The Lovecraft hate is happening in a different thread I think, but this seems like as good a place to draw the line as any :evilgrin:

Imagination Theory wrote:The first Harry Potter is okay, nothing too bad as it is for children, but there are much better books in that genre out there, the rest were exactly the same though. Exactly. That is shitty writing.

When I think of shitty writing, I think of unskilled draftsmanship. A person could still be skilled at the art of writing and turn out repetitive dreck. This is the case with many genre writers. But the 50 Shades author just straight-up has no idea how to write. I like Phillip K. Dick because his story ideas are so interesting, even though in terms of skill he's a terrible writer.