Posted: Feb 21, 2016 11:54 am
by VazScep
Fallible wrote:I think I've given up on that too. It's diverging/deviating so much from the books that it's just irritating to me and not enjoyable. I understand that being different doesn't necessarily make it bad, but I wanted to see the things I'd read about happen as I pictured them. I haven't really had that since the Red Wedding.
I didn't like Catelyn in the books. I could never forgive her for what she did to Tyrion in GoT. And I didn't much like Rob. Kind of thought him a petulant kid after his first whiny run in with Joffrey, and neither sufficiently redeemed themselves in my eyes. I was very much "good riddance" after the red wedding and then promptly annoyed by the epilogue where Catelyn comes back (though I like the way her reanimated corpse plays out in the next books).

Don't know if you find this, but sometimes an adaptation much improves on my meagre imagination. Making Rob older and getting rid of that Joffrey encounter made him much cooler. When Catelyn captured Tyrion in the series I was thinking "go Catelyn!" rather than "not fucking cool!".

I was getting bored by season 2 and missed parts of it falling asleep. But I had to watch season 3 just for the red viper. My god that didn't disappoint.