Posted: Feb 21, 2016 1:14 pm
by VazScep
Fallible wrote:Ah, yes.Hed asplodeI will give them. I also think Tyrion's casting was genius and one of the best things about the series. I agree that making certain characters older helped. Unfortunately though, I think I am just too anal to be able to tolerate much deviation from something which I perceive as supposed to be a certain way. Doing away with certain characters stuck in my craw, eg. Coldhands, Strong Belwas, Vargo Hoat and all the Undying, although I understand why, and pretty much completely re-writing big sections made me do a sad wee.

It was the lack of backstory that was always going to make the show shallow imo. To me, Ser Arthur Dayne is as real a character as all the others and I am always waiting to read some recollection about him and the days when the Kingsguard had some respect. Everything happening on Westeros is basically the continuation of a pretty recent civil war and I love how that backdrop is filled.

Definitely agree that the absence of Belwas sucks.