Posted: Apr 27, 2016 6:35 am
by Agrippina
You have to look at it in the context of when it was written. There was Nero, the emperor who was a complete and utter nutjob, and who was murdered because of his insane behaviour like killing Agrippina (me, his mother) and his sister, and making his horse a consul. Then there was Domitian who thought that reinstituting the cult of emperor worship would fix the political problems. Because Jews (not only Christians) refused to worship dead emperors, or pay taxes to allow them not to, he sent them, and Jews to the arena to be killed by lions. That's what the writer was seeing, a monster, the emperor, doing terrible things, being against Jesus (the antichrist), and he had visions of how Jesus would come to destroy the emperor and his empire.

It's also the mindset, people were a lot more superstitious then than they are now, so they interpreted everything from the point of view of what the gods wanted, and how the gods were punishing them. It is also an attempt, like in Daniel, to foretell the future without emperors, as Daniel foretold the future without the Greeks.

That's my interpretation of it, that I'll be working on today.

Edited for clarity.
I've finished the first edit of the New Testament book. Now to read through it. Again.