Posted: May 21, 2016 6:18 am
by Darwinsbulldog
Agrippina wrote:aban57 To reply.
Sales are going very slowly, but they are happening. There's not much money to be made out of selling books. I don't think any of us do it to make money. For me it's a way to get what I have to say out there for people to read. A friend of mine has bought them to donate to her local library, in Pennsylvania, so I'm quite chuffed that it will be on their shelves.

I'm battling a little with the New Testament. You read what I wrote earlier so you know it was just commentary on verses I picked through the epistles. I didn't like that approach, I thought it was better to put them relative to the rise of Christianity, which is interesting, especially since people argue with me that while the Catholic Church was running the show throughout the "Dark Ages", their churches (Baptist for example) were worshipping without the rules of the mother church. Also there are other claims, that the "Dark Ages" was all about the church stopping people from learning, that everyone was a virtual slave to the church and that no learning was happening, and then the mythology about vast numbers of Christians being persecuted.

I'm looking at those issues instead, so it's going slowly. Every time I read what I wrote before, I make more changes, so the book is a little different from what you read. It will be a couple more weeks before I'm ready to publish it.

Translate it into Latin, and make it very expensive. Next, persuade authorities to ban it, and make it a capital offense to read it. It will become as best seller! :-)