Posted: Aug 03, 2016 6:36 pm
by DougC
Agrippina wrote::grin: I actually tried to write a thriller once, couldn't come to a conclusion though. Maybe I should try that again.

Just BTW I got a notification that my books are about to be distributed to Barnes & Noble's online store as well. I think they're a little expensive, so I'm getting my publishing assistant to reduce my portion of the income from the books. Not that I get much for them, only a few pounds/dollars per book. People who aren't supported by big publishing house and book tours, and signings, don't get paid very much for their work.

Biblical thriller set at the crucifixion. A young Rabbi investigates the goings on under the eyes of the Roman's, the Temple authorities and the crazy fools following the latest 'Messiah' to rear his head.