Posted: Jan 18, 2019 11:15 pm
by crazyfitter
Just finished two books.
The Shortest History of Germany by James Hawes. I've been bowled over by it. So much stuff that left me thinking 'why didn't I know that?' Example: In March 60 BC the main topic of conversation in Rome was the threat of barbarian asylum-seekers who were flooding into northern Italy from wars to the north. Julius Ceasar gave them a name Germani.
The division of Europe in post WW2 would have been recognised by Charlemagne in the 800's.
East Germany ie Prussia and it's Junkers, was long despised by real 'Germans' and the eventual reunification was seen as German eastern expansion.
It's always a shock to be reminded that in 1948 when I was born Germany was in ruins. Its rapid recovery was due to the fact that only 6.5% of its industry was destroyed, while most destruction was done to civilian centres including the least Nazi areas to the west.

I'm glad I've got this as a 'real' book, it makes it far easier to refer back to.

Death Without Company by Craig Johnson. I'm enjoying Craig's stories set in Wyoming especially as I worked there for a couple of weeks. I remember thinking that it must be 'the high plains' that I was working in and it was a pleasant surprise to see it referred to as that.
'Um-hmm,yes, it is so '