Posted: Mar 05, 2019 5:47 pm
by Macdoc
Out on a ride to Copperlode a sort local ride up the range, was not going to stay long but then got chatting with a couple and a few enjoyable hours later I'm deep into the book he wrote.

John M. Taylor
John Taylor was born in Ely in 1944 and raised in Littleport. He has been married to Elisabeth for 44 years and has three adult children. He has worked in 20 different countries and lived in England, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia. He now calls Cambridge home.

He and Elisabeth were lovely to chat with and quite a few shared fav places and adventures, sailplanes, Western Cape - he was a rock climber and we swapped fav vids.
Just a nice contact and the book has me hooked as it's the kind of story I like.

If you hate the xtians ...this is good reason.

They will be moving back to Cairns after an ill advised return to England for a couple years so back to Australia.

Unexpected treat...both book and couple.