Posted: May 08, 2019 11:11 pm
by Macdoc
Hobb is a chore taking it all but she breaks it into trilogies which are self contained tho related to the others in the world building. I find myself hooked immediately on all her reads.

Live Ship Traders is one such set and you don't really see the implications till well down the road with Rain Wilds. Only side referals

Just now doing Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gabriel Kay ....the Canadian Tolkien that starts quite innocently at the university of Toronto and soars to new magical worlds in a similar arc to LoTR.

The Fionavar Tapestry is a trilogy of fantasy novels by Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay, published between 1984 and 1986. The novels are partly set in our own contemporary world, but mostly in the fictional world of Fionavar. It is the story of five University of Toronto senior law and medical students, who are drawn into the 'first world of the Tapestry' by the mage Loren Silvercloak. Once there, each discovers his or her own role and destiny in the framework of an epic conflict.

Fionavar has many similarities to Tolkien's Middle-earth, and seems to be directly influenced by it (perhaps not surprising, since Kay worked with Christopher Tolkien to edit The Silmarillion and prepare it for publication).

I like the way Kay incorporates myths we know into a new weave. Recommended.
All of his books have a familiar feel but from a different world.
Lovely stuff

Guy Gavriel Kay CM (born November 7, 1954) is a Canadian writer of fantasy fiction. The majority of his novels take place in fictional settings that resemble real places during real historical periods, such as Constantinople during the reign of Justinian I or Spain during the time of El Cid. Kay has expressed a preference to avoid genre categorization of these works as historical fantasy. As of 2016, Kay has published 13 novels and a book of poetry. As of 2018, his fiction has been translated into more than 30 languages.