Posted: Jun 26, 2019 6:48 am
by UncertainSloth
crazyfitter wrote:

Brilliant Father’s Day present. An examination of what’s under our feet basically. Macfarlane goes underground in the north east saltmine, the Mendips, the Paris Catacombs the caves and underground rivers of the Trieste area as a starter.The most fascinating bit so far was about mushrooms. In Oregons Blue Mountains lives a honey fungus, armillaria soldipes, covering an area of four sq miles. Scientists recon it’s between 1900 and 8650 years old. Fine threads of melanized fungi laced the concrete of Chernobyls reactor housing and is thriving due to high levels of ionising radiation.
I used to think cockroaches would inherit the earth but now I know it’s mushrooms.

just started reading this - totally hooked after the introduction...underground fascinates me...i like his writing style as well :cheers: