Posted: Aug 13, 2019 7:10 pm
by crazyfitter
Macdoc wrote:hmmmph sound neat ...nice fit with The Physician Trilogy

my partner who works in the medical field loved it.

The reviews look good but I’ve already overspent what I allow myself for books this month so maybe next month.
I seem to be having an attack of Brain Death Syndrome. I tried and failed to put a photo of The Parisian in my post. I copied a pic to the clipboard of my iPad but when I pasted to my post only a line of data appeared which didn’t turn into a photo when I published so I just deleted. I obviously did it different but still wrong with my picture of Underworld as the picture showed a line of data as well. I used to put a lot of photos on this forum with no problem. I’m obviously doing something wrong, please explain.