Posted: Sep 14, 2019 7:48 pm
by crazyfitter
Yes I’ve found paper books to be a pain but I’ve read some half decent ones from BOGOF in supermarkets. I often wonder how some books can be so cheap. I’ve just unloaded two boxes of them to an Air Ambulance charity shop near me. Having a bit of a clear out. I do regret though that some of my kindle books are not in hardback, like William Dalrymples for example. I find it much easier to reference real paper than flick through my kindle. I have 220 books in my kindle and 2000 on my laptop. A colleague at work gave me the 2000 and I’ve read so few of them. Found it wearisome ploughing through the authors names, picking one at random looking at the titles then researching reviews. Bloody hell don’t I sound ungrateful !

I’m going to buy myself Dalrymples Anarchy for Xmas, the storey of the East India Company. It would just seem to be a sin to buy the kindle version. Mmmm, might hint at it for a Xmas prezzy.