Posted: Sep 24, 2019 8:00 pm
by crazyfitter
Fallible wrote:Ooh, nice thing to have!

Yes and the type of book anyway which a kindle just doesn’t do justice to. I’d intended buying it at Xmas but when Waterstones advertised them at a fiver off and signed I just couldn’t resist. I have two more of Dalrymples books and I deeply regret that they are on my kindle.

Reading The Jewel in the Crown. I’m starting to labour it. The rape is a vehicle for examining Anglo-Indian relationships and attitudes in 1942 against a background of WW2, the Japanese conquest of Burma and the activities of the Congress Party. I’m getting the idea that the Congress Party, and Gandhi, had a share of the blame for communal violence as it was setting itself up as a Hindu national party. India has a long history of peaceful coexistence between the two main religions and I’ve read stuff from Dalrymple before that suggests this. This is broadbrush stroking though. The Brits always preferred Muslims for professional positions as well.

Anyway I’m three quarters of the way through and really looking forward to Spin.