Posted: Nov 20, 2019 6:34 pm
by crazyfitter
Reading The History of Modern Britain by Andrew Marr (yes him).
I’m really enjoying this book (kindle 99p). It starts at the end of WW2 and the forward is dated 2008 but it’s got a chapter stuck on the end to bring it more up to date with Brexit. I’m up to 1947 and understanding why The Labour Gov was loosing support. The Lend Lease deal was suddenly terminated and the pound had to be interchangeable with the dollar. So suddenly no more aid and a huge debt needed repaying, finally in 2008. The result was bread rationing. Trueman says that he never understood the consequences and wished he’d read the agreement.
Then came the worst winter for 300 years and coal stocks at power stations froze up so they couldn’t fill the hoppers. The lights started going out.
Also in that year Indian independence was announced. Churchill had to be restrained from entering the HoC he was that mad and Enoch Powell wondered the West End slumping down in doorways and holding his head in his hands. Oh for the joys of empire.
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