Posted: Dec 20, 2019 9:28 pm
by crazyfitter


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Just finished this amazing book. It’s a fictional novel inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis and the stories Christy heard while working with refugees in Athens. Her main characters flee Syria and via Turkey and Greece make it to the UK by air from Athens with forged papers. The descriptions of the camps are horrifying and she pulls no punches with drugs and child sex trade happening on a small scale.
I was very moved by the mortician in Aleppo who’s job was laying out the bodies pulled from the river with hands tied and a gunshot wound to the head. He had to clean their faces up to make it easier for relatives to identify. Then one day it was his 12yo son who had been missing a few days lying there. In the morgue book he wrote Name: My Beautiful Son. Cause of Death: This Broken World.
He then joined the refugees.

Typing the authors name in google gets you interviews with her which are worth listening to. One of the interviews says the book is no. 4 in UK and 1 in Ireland.