Posted: Jan 23, 2020 11:39 pm
by crazyfitter


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This is a terrific book which reverses the journey Rory took in 1989 from Berlin to Moscow with stops at additional places. One being Solovetsky Island in the White Sea near the border with Finland and the start of the Gulags. Queue horror stories.
In Moscow we get into cyber warfare and a list of extra ordinary hacking which includes the UK, US, France and Germany to mention just a few. General Vladimir Sherstyuk, a member of Russia’s National Security Council told MIT Technology Review that cyber weapons are very cheap. Almost free of charge.
His contact with someone working in a Troll factory in St Pertersburg didn’t turn up. ‘Internet operators wanted! Job at chic office in Olgino!!!’ the job adverts had exclaimed. ‘Task: posting comments at profile sites in the internet, writing thematic posts, blogs, social networks. Payments every week and free meals.
The operators would work 6 Facebook or 10 Twitter accounts. Lots of examples of their work.
His journey takes him through most of Eastern Europe and meets up with people he’d met 30 years ago. Mostly their conditions had worsened and were supporting far right parties which were proliferating. One family who had worked hard and created their own greengrocers were put out of business by Lidl.
Altogether it’s a distressing book and he finishes with an interview with a top American Investment Banker working in London...