Posted: Jan 27, 2020 8:28 pm
by crazyfitter
Fallible wrote:Lordy...

Yes indeedy. I wanted to smack her round the head with a wet tea towel. Unfortunately I’ve met that kind of arrogance many times and have gone from anger to a feeling of being diminished. Before I retired my company made the worlds first underwater oil pipeline hot make - hot break valve ( I built it), manipulators that place half ton rolls of polyester into position and much other stuff. Most of it exported. They are currently developing other products. Other companies I worked for were proud of their international reach and ability to engage in speculative prototype work. The last thing they need is a volatile market
We hear a lot about the UK losing its industrial base but be that as it may there is still a lot of companies out there making top quality products and competing on the world market and the last thing they need is volatility caused by money chasing money.