Posted: Jan 28, 2020 12:37 pm
by Macdoc
What makes you think a rider is " unaware of surrounding traffic" when listening to an audio book?

So you just discovered audiobooks and think others must be as easily distracted by this novelty for you.

When walking in a city you are always at risk of trucks, cars and buses ....especially those turning plus blundering into others who walk and text .....something that is truly risky as is texting and driving.

Do you think riders have a death grip on the bars in fear of their lives ?? Audiobooks make the long relatively boring hours touring, or in stop and go traffic go by with lower stress and relaxation.

When riding hard or navigating closely, it's called a pause button. You pay close attention to nav instructions and street locations or the best line through the next don't think about your riding....what gets inexperienced riders in trouble is they HAVE to think about it.