Posted: Mar 10, 2020 8:44 pm
by crazyfitter
Letters from an Astrophysicist by Tyson is a pleasant enough little book and easily read. You won’t find anything about astrophysics in it though. It’s a series of letters to him from various people inc children and the devout on the subject mostly of the cosmos and his replies to them. He also writes a letter to his long dead father, something that left me feeling a little embarrassed.

Moby attacked him for his tweet: A cow is a biological machine invented by humans to turn grass into steak. His reply included the point that there was no opinion in the tweet. Moby later apologised.

Also the tweet: In Walmart, America’s largest gun seller, you can buy an assault rifle. But company policy bans pop music with curse words. Again a storm of reaction and again it’s opinion neutral.

A right wing shock jock attacked him in his papers blog and he gave a blow by blow rebuttal. They became friends.

Anyway now for something entirely different.