Posted: Apr 17, 2020 4:21 pm
by NamelessFaceless
Animavore wrote:I got that Malazan audiobook today and listened to it to, during, and from the gym. I now think audiobooks are better than music for the gym because you get lost in the story and notice the pain less. The audiobook is fantastic. The first thing I noticed, before it even began, is that the narrator said, "Performed by Ralph Lister." Not "Read by Ralph Lister." And what a performance! He does voices and accents for all the characters.

Speaking of getting lost in the story. I also got lost in reality on the way home from the gym while listening to it. I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere because at one point I looked up and I didn't know where the hell I was.

Which makes me question why anyone would listen to it on a motorcycle.

This is why I listen to audiobooks while doing my gardening. I can spend hours pulling out weeds and not really thinking about it because I'm engrossed in an audiobook.

And you're right about the performance. You should really listen to Ulysses or Moby Dick. There's also a version of Tom Sawyer performed by Nick Offerman that's outstanding.