Posted: Aug 06, 2021 12:38 pm
by don't get me started
Blip wrote:You may already know that Ruth Goodman has written other immersive works of history, don't get me started, and they're all rather interesting. She famously forbore bathing for How to be a Tudor, which you might also enjoy if you haven't read it.

Cheers for the info Blip.
I think I was kind of aware of some of Goodman's work, but it didn't register when I bought the book.
I'll be adding her other books to my (ever expanding) wish list.

(Goodman mentioned her experiments with Elizabethan hygiene in the book. I once tried a period of minimal washing and not using modern soap products...student days, what can I say?
Got a bit greasy and can I say...'coated' but it ended up in a kind of equilibrium. Cool Northern latitudes helped a lot, I reckon.)

My current showering regimen is only partly concerned with cleanliness. Covid precautions and cooling down are important features of my daily washing and showering. The heat here is terrific at this time of year and coming home from work the first thing I do is have a shower.