Posted: Jan 01, 2022 3:07 pm
by UncertainSloth
I've dropped the 'challenge' bit...we seem to have moved away from that somewhat into an interesting record of people's reading habits and books that we might not have come across otherwise...obviously, set yourself a target should you so desire - think i'll go for 35 on the goodreads challenge again, seems to work well

'Rules' copied and pasted for those not familiar with the thread, though I think this thread is the domain of the faithful few these days - though I'd love to see others get involved!

1. A book must be at least 50 pages long.
2. Books you started in 2021 and finish in 2022 count on the 2022 list.
3. Re-reads and audio books count.
4. If a book has two books in it, it counts as two (Eg. An Orwell book with the animal farm and 1984, counts as two.)
5. No rules on what to read, besides what's listed.
6. This is for fun so enjoy yourself...

If you have time, please post a brief review or comment about the book - I love reading these and it helps me, for one, decide whether I want to explore something further or not - I'm also partial to covers of books, as you may have noticed...happy reading, folks! :cheers: