Posted: Mar 02, 2022 8:05 am
by Macdoc
The Expanse books are different enough from the series to be enjoyable as a separate work and certainly expands the detail.
We've been through the series, the books ( audio books mostly ) several times adn generally I'd suggest do the books up to 6 if you want to continue the tale as no one knows if 7-9 will be done on TV :( Not a spoiler but unlike many long serials there is a satsifactory ( to me ) wind up yet room for more.
Really a superb piece of work both the series on TV and the books. Good effort on the part of the TV series to get some physics correct though the "sound" of rockets from an external viewpoint never fails to annoy. The weightless physics was as good as I've seen. Lot of little details like the coffee cups and the click to connect mag boots etc
Might be worth its own thread for chitchat. Very memorable characters. :thumbup: