Posted: Mar 19, 2022 11:05 pm
by scott1328
1. Caliban's War, James S A Corey Book 2 in the Expanse Series.
2. Time’s Eye, Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter
3. Sun Storm, Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter. Sequel to Time's Eye.
4. The Firtstborn, Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter
5. Abaddon’s Gate, James S A Corey, Book 3 in the Expanse Series.
6. Cibola Burn, James S A Corey, Book 4 in the Expanse Series.
7. Nemesis Games, James S A Corey, Book 5 in the Expanse Series.
8. Babylon’s Ashes, James S A Corey, Book 6 in the Expanse Series.
9. Persepolis Rising, James S A Corey, Book 7 in the Expanse Series.
10. Tiamat’s Wrath, James S A Corey, Book 8 in the Expanse Series.
11. Leviathan Falls, James S A Corey, Book 9 in the Expanse Series.
12. Fragment, Warren Fahy

13. Memory’s Legion,James S A Corey, Collection short stories and novellas set in the Expanse universe. Includes:
    - Butcher of Anderson station—How Fred Johnson joined the OPA
    - Gods Of Risk—set sometime after Caliban’s War it’s about Bobbies Draper’s nephew’s run-in with the demi-monde of Mars.
    - The Churn—Gives Amos’s backstory
    - The Vital Abyss—Set before and during the events of Babylon’s Ashes, describes Cortazar’s imprisonment by the belters and eventual recruitment into Duarte’s Laconia project.
    - Strange Dogs—Set between Babylon’s Ashes and Persepolis Rising, on Laconia right after Duarte’s group arrives. Theses events were portrayed during the season 6 cold openings.
    - Auberon—Set after Persepolis Rising on the planet Auberon right after Laconia takes over. Features the return of a character from the Churn.
    - The Sins or Our Fathers—Set after the events of Leviathan Falls and features Phillip Nagata.