Posted: Apr 10, 2022 8:30 pm
by Evolving
Blip wrote:Interesting, but perhaps not surprising, that you had a similar reaction to the Frankl, don't get me started.

A question for you and Kaleid: did you read the Darrieussecq in paperback format? I can't seem to find a download version and I'm keen to join the three of you in reading it!

I downloaded it from Amazon on to my Kindle, but if you haven't a Kindle I don't know!

I've made a start on "White", on a lengthy-ish train journey on Thursday (to Brussels, if you want to know), and it's an interesting read. I think, without Kaleid's introduction I might have wondered for rather longer who these "we" are who seem to be observing everything that happens - the things that happen are related in the third person, but from time to time there's an interjection in the first person plural, and it's weird that these "we" seem to be everywhere - in the ice waste, in the deeps of the ocean with the whales and the squids, and even in the water in the glasses on the table aboard the ship on which Edmée is coming. Very strange.

But on the way back yesterday I felt like reading something else, and I should probably add that title to my list. Here goes, then.