Posted: Dec 25, 2022 5:37 pm
by Evolving
I've downloaded The Silence of the Girls, to read when I get time; thank you for the tip, Blip.

I was re-reading a translation of the Iliad last year (it never made it on to my list, however), and was struck very unfavourably by how nobody cared about Briseis or what the whole thing was like for her. Even Achilles' mum couldn't see any issue other than that he should have been allowed to keep her.

Sometimes it's very interesting to re-read things that one read as a girl (or whatever one was), and see them through adult eyes that have had the benefit of reading feminist literature.

EDIT I now remember saying something very similar on a previous version of this thread, about re-reading The Female Eunuch and noticing something that had entirely escaped me during the first, eye-opening time around, having in the meantime been sensitised to the existence of transgender people and what that requires. Ironic.