Posted: Jan 31, 2023 2:05 pm
by NamelessFaceless
1. The Bridge of San Luis Rey - Thornton Wilder
2. Basil - Wilkie Collins
3. The Eyes Have It and Other Stories - Philip K. Dick (audiobook)
4. The Colonel’s Dream - Charles W. Chestnutt
5. Black No More - George S. Schuyler

Regarding re-reading books - I rarely do this. Only when a book has been so good I want to experience it again. I’ve read Ulysses 3 times, plus listened to the audiobook once. The only chapter I really dislike is the one where Bloom visits the newspaper office. But the funeral procession - my god it’s beautiful. And of course the one in Sandymount Strand and Gerty McDowell - the one that got it banned.

There have been a couple of books I loved so much I immediately read them again- The Great Gatsby and Ayn Rand’s Anthem, are the two that come to mind.

Amazon Prime offers a smattering of Classics free in Audible, so I will listen to something I’ve read before, especially if it’s free. I’m about to listen to Lady Chatterly’s Lover, even though I didn’t really like the book.