Posted: Mar 02, 2010 12:06 am
by mmmcheezy
Most of my favorite shows are off-season ATM. But I am watching The Sarah Silverman Program [I confess to having a bit of a crush on her] and Celebrity Rehab presently. I'm also a big fan of competitive cooking shows. Chopped is one of my favorites on the Food Network.
Weeds should be starting back up again soonish. I actually watch a lot of the programming on Showtime. Dexter, Californication...
Web Soup on G4 is a weekly clip show about awesome stuff found on the internetz. The show wouldn't be half as funny as it is if Chris Hardwick didn't host it--he's really funny, and hosts a great podcast on, as well.
Hummm, what else do I watch? The Countdown and Rachel Maddow, every weekday. I watched a clip of Maddow on RDF once, and my husband was watching over my shoulder and we started watching her show that night. He is especially a big fan.

Sometimes I watch really boring stuff. Our cable has a channel where they broadcast board meetings for the local school districts, and I'll watch those to see what they're doing to screw up education next. And I'll watch village hall meetings, because our village president is a loony.