Posted: Mar 02, 2010 1:13 am
by Nostalgia
mmmcheezy wrote:
MacIver wrote:Is that a streaming/downloading service?

I live in the back-of-beyond and thus have to have satellite internet. This was subsidised by the Scottish government but because of this I didn't get a choice on what package I could get.

So I'm stuck with very fast internet but a ridiculous 4Gb monthly limit. So I can only stream shows occasionally, and then they must be low quality.

netflix does streaming/downloading [or "watch instantly"] but the bulk of the service is DVDs delivered via mail. So as long as you get post [and I suppose as long as netflix is available in your area] you can get the service. You might not get it as quickly as most people [1-2 days], but it's quite affordable and has a pretty great selection.

Ahh, I'm with you now. Yeah, we have a similar service here called Lovefilm. I use to be a member but had to quit when I lost my job. Hopefully be back in the rat-race soon and be able to sign-up once more.

rachelsinatra wrote:Waiting to come back:
Breaking Bad

I didn't know what to think about the last episode of season two to start with, but on my second viewing I realised I was a fantastic episode. I was a big fan of Malcolm in the Middle in my teens so watching Hal mix Meth took a wee bit of getting use to.