Posted: Mar 02, 2010 3:23 pm
by lordshipmayhem
Crocodile Gandhi wrote:There was a series of Australia's Worst Driver a few years back. The person who ended up losing the show got their car crushed and their license revoked. There was one bloke who had so much road rage that he got out of his car and yelled at a police officer so no reason. Hilarious stuff.

In one series (it's been on for something like 7 years now), one dangerous young jackass boasted about how stupid the police were and how he was able to fool them and escape getting charged for lots of traffic foolishness, in a video blog the show was recording. The producers showed this clip, then happily showed a thoroughly unimpressed Ontario Provincial Police constable (and panel member for that season's show) e-mailing the video to every cop in or near said idiot's home town - the municipal police, provincial police and RCMP - along with his name, address, license plate and vehicle make and colour. The producers then booted the jerk off the show, handing his car key back to him only after snipping it in half right before his horrified eyes. He rode home in the same tow truck hauling his car.