Posted: May 12, 2016 11:04 pm
by laklak
Dope Sick Love, on HBO. Two junkie couples on the streets of New York. No narration, music, plot, or anything, just them, filmed over the course of 18 months. Jesus fucking Christ these people are fucked up. I mean, totally fucked. They were picking up goddamned needles off the street and using toilet water in the syringes. At first I felt sorry for them, thinking Jesus what a way to live, can't we do something about it? But by the end of the movie I was just hoping they'd hurry the fuck up and die. What utter wastes of oxygen. They use everyone, their families, their "friends", the system, their kids (yeah both women had kids). Anything to get another bag of meth or heroin, anything. Any degrading sex act, burglary, any con, the only thing I didn't see was armed robbery or murder, but otherwise it was anything goes.

One woman had what I thought was a bit of insight into her condition, and was trying to get into a free detox center. Free as in taxpayer supported, of course. What a colossal clusterfuck. What should have been as simple as walking through a door ended up taking two days of constant drama, because she had to take a train 2 hours away to get her ID. That's it, a 2 hour train ride, but even that was too much to do without falling down a rathole full of methamphetamine. She did get into the detox center, but checked herself out in one day because she had "things she had to do", meaning "buy dope and sleep in an alleyway".

Sorry but I've no sympathy, the best thing that could happen to these people is a massive overdose. Once a junkie, always a junkie.