Posted: May 13, 2016 3:53 pm
by Rachel Bronwyn
Only the Dead See the End of War

It'll destroy your soul so view carefully.

The_Piper wrote:
irreligionist wrote:Image they round up, kill and eat whole pods of them

(the inuit so far think the arrival of the orcas is a good thing as it makes the narwhal easier for them to catch, but when they wipe them out that far south...)

Bummer, I didn't know inuit ate narwhals. I wonder if they'll eat the killer whales?

Nope. Bowhead and beluga are the staples. Narwhal is fairly unusual dietarily but the Inuit are pretty versatile, eating what's available and, far as eating goes, narwhal is just like beluga. Orca are just big dolphins. They're not as fatty as the whales whose meat the Inuit eat. Very dangerous to hunt too.