Posted: May 17, 2016 9:50 pm
by Macdoc

I've been following HD since 1982 ....scored a stupid good deal on a upper end OLED screen

Blacks are spectacular as is the image. The combination is astonishing

$2 a month more to stream 4k from NetFlix. There is a reasonable selection and the TV upscales HD as well.

My main goal was to get it as a monitor for the Retina laptop and my full rez pics look very good on it. I can have 4 working sections all at high quality .. happy camper. :dance:

When I consider what a small OLED cost just a couple years ago ....55" is astounding.....and so thin.


Decent sound system in as well. The LG is just plugged in standalone hooks into our wifi network and streams the 4k in.
Count me impressed.
I just switch source to use it with the computer and can also stream Netflix, Amazon etc via that route but not at 4k.

:popcorn: movie weekend :mrgreen: