Posted: Jun 06, 2016 11:41 am
by crank
Macdoc wrote:It's not all about "TV" ....4k resolutions are coming to all screens.
Viewing media content is more and more a personal experience, up close and personal, and being able to resolve 4k video streams on desktop monitors and laptop monitors - along with the enhanced colour and contrast it ups the game substantially.

If your camera - video or still can do 4k ....then these are the screens needed to fully resolve that additional detail.

8k will be for very large spaces ( arenas eetc ). 4k useful even now and of course the technology is going spill over into VR where it needs incredible pixel density to maintain the illusion in very near field viewing.

Who the fuck sits in an armchair and watches TV any more any ways?? :D

I'm actually more excited by the OLED tech with it's infinite black and colour advantages than the additional pixels.

This site perhaps gives an idea of the range in products that are in the midst of 4k migration including cameras

I mean really..... right out of the future...


Olympus is also claiming that the TG-Tracker offers integrated waterproofing down to 100 feet, dustproofing, and resistance to as many as 220 pounds of crushing force. On the other hand, the little camera is designed to be shock-proof against falls of no more than 7 feet, which goes slightly against its reputed ruggedness. However, cold temperature resistance is set at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, making this a great camera for winter users.

That's a very cool looking camera, and could easily sub for a futuristic weapon. Why the disparaging of a 7 ft drop test in the quoted bit? That is a tough standard if it's to a hard surface like a concrete floor, the g-forces can get huge and can be devastating to corners and joints and sticky outie bits,