Posted: Jun 06, 2016 12:13 pm
by JoeB
What's the visual acuity of a human eye, something like 1 arc minute (i.e. 1/60th of a degree) right? At least a quick wiki read lead me to that number. Seems reasonable. So for it to make sense to upgrade to a 4K screen beyond HD your screen would have to take up more than 32 degrees of horizontal view. An equal or smaller field of view would make the difference indistinguishable. I rather doubt many people would benefit from 4k, probably another marketing gimmick, like 3d. Contrast (esp. black and HDR) and colour fidelity are far more noticeable than simply adding resolution.

[edit] Can anyone explain to me why curving a tv is a pro? I don't understand it. For a PC monitor it can make sense as the user sits in 1 spot, but for a TV - which is used in group sessions a lot - that distortion would be rather annoying for most viewers no? Or is this not the case in practice?