Posted: Jun 06, 2016 1:02 pm
by Macdoc
There is no benefit to a curve aside from a bit of added strength and showing that it can be done. ( OLED is flexible ).

Um 32 degrees FOV is nothing don't get anywhere near a cinematic experience. immersive wants 60 degrees and up - and again media watching is simply not where is is going. Hell my FOV on the Retina laptop is well over 30 degrees when I'm watching media.

Flap all you want ....4k is mainstream...and OLED is almost there.

Contrast (esp. black and HDR) and colour fidelity are far more noticeable than simply adding resolution.

only to a cannot add information ....the additional pixels also carry information regarding colour gradients and light.dark. Detail is not the only win. With 10 bit colour on the OLED and other screens, you have 4 times the pixels to produce the colour.
The human eye can see 10 million colours.

3D was a gimmick.....4k is not by any means and OLED is simply icing on the cake.