Posted: Jun 07, 2016 1:32 am
by Macdoc
I'm no where near 2 meters from my screen ...I work 30" from the 55" OLED and 12" from my Retina screen.

Cinema FOV requires people sit far closer than they are used to. I've been dealing with HD since 1982 when I saw a closed circuit version from Panasonic - you could look at the geisha and the big screen TV at the same time at the same distance - it was analogue and it was spectacular.

I had a 50" Mitsubishi in 1984 when I watched the Apple launch commercial ....I was sitting about 3' away at the end of the bed.

I've always hovered around 40" to 50" as the best balance of near field image quality and cost. The 55" is basically 4 x 2k monitors for my use....I usually run 2 x 27" 2k plus the Retina laptop.

It's the colour and dynamic range of the images in addition to the high pixel count that makes it spectacular.

The calculator here gives. 1.6 m as maximum distance for full resolution on the 55" ... lationship
...I'm about 1 meter from the corners and a bit less than a meter at the closest and it is superb.
this sits about 24" beyond the laptop screen.

I'm seeing detail in my photos I've only seen on the 5K 27" iMac.

Media viewing is not the sit home with the family gathered round watching Bonanza anymore.

Gamers are immersed, VR will get more immersive yet.

4k streaming is not yet perfect but at times can be spectacular when it all comes together. OLED tho is a huge step forward in image reproduction.

I work on the 55" OLED then switch over to Netflix streaming while I'm still working on the laptop...nice set up for me.

This is how small a Pro level 4k camera rig is. Gone Girl was shot on this.


and many including my clients are shooting on these - other clients on RED. ( above )