Posted: Apr 24, 2017 8:25 pm
by PensivePenny
At what point does your suspension of disbelief wrt the Star Trek franchise, end? I've watched some of the franchises from the beginning again. I really enjoy them, but there are some things that really annoy me. Here are a couple of my pet peeves.

1) The speed at which stars pass by the hull at warp speed is way too fast. According to ST Voyager, it will take them 70 years at maximum warp to get back home from the far side of the galaxy. The distance from home is not specified exactly. But, we can say anywhere between 70 to 80 light years... That means they can travel at about 1000 times the speed of light. Which is confirmed by their "tech manuals" as being the fastest theoretical speed. So, if one looks at the average distance the distance between star systems should be about 5 ly. On average, at max warp, a star should pass by the hull once every two days.

2) Another one I have is that ships all bank (or roll) in a turn. Why? We already have to accept that "inertial dampers" are a thing. So, a coordinated turn isn't required for crew comfort. Thrusters can move the ship in any orientation regardless of the direction. If we accept that the warp engines propel the ship in the direction it points, all that is needed for a course change is a change in orientation. The banking is superfluous.

There are tons of things that are fake about ST. Which ones annoy you the most?