Posted: Apr 25, 2017 4:58 am
by Weaver
My biggest pet peeve?

The scene in ST:TNG where Geordi and Dr. Crusher are in a cargo bay with a fire burning, and decide they need to vent the atmosphere to put the fire out. Crusher tells LaForge something like "You'll feel an almost overwhelming urge to exhale - you must fight this."

Yeah, great fucking advice. Let's watch my lungs blow out my fucking nostrils.

If you decompress suddenly, you need to fucking yell at max exhalation factor - vent your entire lung capacity through the biggest pipe you have, knowing that your body is pushing more gas into your lungs as you do it. Try to keep it inside and you'll learn the hard way what Boyle's Law means.

Yes, you're going to pass out within about 15 seconds. That's why we don't do this casually.

I get it. It's Star Trek. Dilithium and phasers are pretty much magic, to say nothing about warp travel and transporters. But something as simple as explosive decompression? We have people who have fucking DONE THAT.

But to give such shitty "advice", totally against the goddamn scientific knowledge we have NOW through the personal experiences of some very brave people who went through this and lived - that just pisses me off.