Posted: Nov 14, 2017 8:02 am
by Mac_Guffin
Mike_L wrote:Yes, Maggie is quite prominent now that she's taken control at Hilltop.
Carol is pretty much in the shadow of King Ezekiel ATM.
I'd like to see more of Tara. Like Daryl, she wants a more ruthless approach toward the Saviors, but is being held in check by the pacifist-leaning Jesus.

Mac_Guffin wrote:This season is okay, but it seems like it will be better binge watched. They feel more like parts of a whole than full episodes.


This last episode was great. Probably one of my favorites of the series. Could have been higher up if the CGI was better and the Jeffrey Dahmer Savior's actor was better at acting. I also hate how the show portrays the Savior henchmen except for the higher ups as opposed to how the comic does. They're so one/two-dimensional. Also, the I am Negan thing was in the comic, but the show kind of shoves it in your face. Like, we get it.

Carol seems to be more like the comic version of Michonne. I won't spoil and give details, but I expect her to be out of the shadow sooner or later.

I hope the war ends like it does in the comic. I worry it might be a risk they won't take. The show has avoided some risks, but there have been times when they have taken them, so who knows.