Posted: Dec 14, 2017 2:28 am
by Mac_Guffin
Mike_L wrote:I cannot help but think that the decision to kill off Carl is primarily one of convenience.
Chandler Riggs has been in his teenage "growth spurt" phase for a while already. With the long gaps between seasons (sometimes as many as six months), I think it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep continuity. He'd matured quite visibly between end of S7 and beginning of S8, even though the events of the latter season supposedly followed immediately after S7. I suppose they could've written around this somehow, but it would've been tricky.
But my main complaint with S8 (so far) is that it felt very disjointed... as though they were trying to weave too many threads. I'll keep watching, I s'pose... but my enthusiasm has waned quite a bit.

But there is a time skip after the war. The growth of Chandler won't be an issue. That will likely happen after this season.