Posted: Dec 14, 2017 2:36 am
by Mac_Guffin
Spinozasgalt wrote:On the other foot, I just finished the third season of Fear The Walking Dead the other day and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I dunno, maybe it's that this doesn't have a parent comic and so it lets them move more freely. After the first two seasons, they killed off a couple of people and seemed to realise that they could make the leading characters interesting if they wanted to.

I hate that show. I couldn't get past season 1. The characters are bland and unrelatable... more so than the main show.
I feel like if you don't read the comic, you really don't know how much the show fucks up with what it changes.
I have loved adaptations that change the source material more than I loved the originals, but TWD isn't one of them.
And you know, maybe fully abandoning the source material would be better. I'd probably like that better than half assing it. But we kind of have that with Fear, and I don't like Fear.

The show is so inconsistent with its quality but the comic has consistently gotten better over time. Early issues feel really amateurish, but Kirkman grows as a writer.